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Discover a fresh approach to real dog food.

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Bau Chow delivers nutritional excellence with healthy and wholesome dog meals, tailored to canine requirements and crafted with love. 

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Best Fresh Dog Food in Bangalore

Discover the best fresh dog food Bangalore has to offer. Bau Chow is your one-stop shop for healthy fresh dog food delivered straight to your doorstep. Forget the dusty kibble days! Bau Chow is all about fresh made dog food and healthy pet treats bursting with real, human-grade ingredients like succulent meats, garden-fresh veggies, and even a sprinkle of superfoods. Imagine the look on your pup's face when they dig into a bowl of fresh pet dog food fit for a canine king or queen! Here's why Bau Chow is the ultimate fresh food game-changer for your furry friend:

  • Freshness that's finger-lickin' good: We're talking raw & fresh dog food ingredients, combined in delicious recipes to lock in all the nutrients and flavor. It's like serving your pup a Michelin-starred meal every single day!
  • Convenience that wags its tail: Our fresh dog food subscription takes care of everything. Choose the perfect plan for your pup's size, age, and needs, and we'll deliver deliciousness right to your door.
  • Variety that sparks taste buds: From fresh natural dog food like TBC's grain-free meals to our healthy fresh dog food obesity support meals, we have a flavor fiesta for every pup.
  • Science-backed nutrition: We follow Canine Nutrition and Canine Nutrigenomics guidelines to ensure every bite is packed with the nutrients your furry friend needs to thrive.
  • Bangalore's fastest fresh food delivery: Rain or shine, our fresh pet dog food online service ensures your pup's meals arrive on time and ready to devour.

Bau Chow is more than just meals, it's a commitment to your dog's health and happiness. We believe in the power of fresh, natural ingredients to fuel your furry friend's adventures.

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