Our Food Philosophy

Experience Vitality Through Fresh Nutrition.

Enhance your furry friend's health with our dedicated commitment to providing fresh, real food that goes beyond mere convenience.

Revolutionizing Canine Longevity: A Nutritional Breakthrough

At the core of our philosophy lies the belief that food is the ultimate elixir for a prolonged and healthy life. We understand that offering fresh, real food is not only a physiological necessity but also a proactive measure. Investing in fresh real food, real food can prevent six out of the ten most common vet visits for dogs.

Issues such as allergies, obesity, dental problems, ear infections, yeast issues, and cancer are often linked to commercialized dog food, including both ingredients and processing methods. Even grain-free and prescription diets fall short—they are processed and lack the essence of real food. Just as we rely on dogs to uncover ailments and understand the impact of genes, lifestyle, and environment on aging, it is our responsibility to delve into their nutritional needs, preventing future illnesses.

While external factors may be beyond our control, we have influence over what we feed. Fresh, real food emerges as the healthiest and most biologically appropriate choice for dogs. Our commitment to regulating temperature and humidity ensures that our products maintain the authentic look, feel, smell, and taste that define real food.

Embrace a new era of convenient nutrition that authentically connects dogs with essential nutrients. Our fresh, real food is characterized by

  • Authentic look, feel, smell, and taste
  • Preservation of cell integrity
  • Clear labeling and transparent packaging
  • Absence of added flavors and preservatives
  • Biologically canine appropriate
  • Wholeness, minimal processing, and diverse nutrition. Variety is a cornerstone.
  • No high-pressure pasteurization (HPP)

Welcome to a world where fresh nutrition propels canine vitality forward.

Our Food Philosophy

To redefine the standard of canine nutrition, Bau Chow envisions a world where every dog experiences optimal health and vitality through our thoughtfully crafted Proper Dog Food. We aspire to be the leading provider of premium, species-appropriate meals, promoting the well-being of dogs and fostering stronger bonds between pets and their owners.

Bau Chow is dedicated to revolutionizing the way dogs are nourished. Our mission is to provide dogs with access to high-quality, human-grade ingredients, meticulously prepared in balanced and species-appropriate formulations. Through subscription-based meal delivery services, we aim to make canine nutrition convenient, ensuring every dog receives the nutrition they deserve. We are committed to transparency, innovation, and the well-being of dogs in every bowl, striving to enhance their lives and contribute to a healthier, happier canine community.

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