• Subscription-Based Meal Delivery Service: Tailored plans offering the convenience of scheduled deliveries to ensure your pet receives nourishing fresh dog meals regularly.
  • Premium Human-Grade Ingredients: Diets crafted with the finest human-grade ingredients, free from chemicals and additives, prioritizing your dog's well-being.
  • Species-Appropriate Pre-Portioned Meals: Thoughtfully portioned for your convenience, providing species-appropriate nutrition in every serving.
  • Starting at Rs. 140 per Meal: Indulge your furry friend with healthy and fresh meals, starting at just Rs. 140 per serving.
  • Curated Diets Following Guidelines: Our meals adhere to Canine Nutrition and Canine Nutrigenomics guidelines, ensuring your dog receives nutrition tailored to their unique needs.
  • Convenient Doorstep Delivery in Bangalore: Enjoy the ease of doorstep delivery with fresh made dog food, exclusively available in Bangalore.


  • Worry-Free Feeding with Subscription Plans: Bid farewell to the stress of deciding what to feed your dog; our subscription plans take care of it for you.
  • Premium Nutrition with High-Quality Ingredients: Your pupper deserves the best fresh dog food – our use of high-quality ingredients ensures they get the nutrition they need and deserve.
  • No More Measuring or Guesswork: Pre-portioned, fresh dog meals eliminate the need for tedious measuring and guesswork, making feeding time a breeze.
  • Delicious and Pocket-Friendly: Treat your canine companion to delectable meals without breaking the bank, combining taste and affordability.
  • Tailored Nutrition for Individual Needs: Our nutritious meals are designed to suit your dog's specific needs, ensuring they thrive with every bite.
  • Time-Saving Doorstep Delivery: Say goodbye to trips to the pet store; our doorstep delivery saves you time and hassle, bringing the best fresh dog food right to your door.