Bau Chow offers fresh and nutritious meals specifically tailored to meet the dietary needs of your dog. We prioritize the use of high-quality ingredients and avoid the manufacturing processes commonly found in commercial pet food. By feeding your dog Bau Chow, you can provide them with optimal nutrition, improve their overall health, and address various health issues they may be facing.

Bau Chow stands out from other dog food brands because of our commitment to freshness and quality. Our meals are customized and made with the highest quality ingredients, ensuring that your dog receives the essential vitamins and nutrients they need to thrive. We believe that a fresh food diet can have a positive impact on your dog’s health, regardless of their current condition or eating habits.

Yes, Bau Chow can be beneficial for dogs with health issues and allergies. Our meals are carefully formulated to address specific dietary requirements and can support dogs with chronic degenerative diseases, allergies, and autoimmune conditions. By providing a customized fresh food diet, we aim to improve your dog’s overall well-being and help alleviate health concerns.

Absolutely! We take pride in using premium, restaurant-quality ingredients in Bau Chow meals. We source our ingredients from trusted suppliers and prioritize human-grade ingredients to ensure the utmost quality and safety for your dog. Each meal is carefully prepared in a controlled and hygienic environment, adhering to strict manufacturing practices to maintain the integrity of the ingredients.

Yes, Bau Chow is suitable for all dog breeds and life stages. We offer a range of meal options that can be customized based on your dog’s specific needs, including breed, size, age, and dietary restrictions. Our goal is to provide nutritious meals that cater to the unique requirements of every dog, ensuring they receive the proper nourishment regardless of their breed or size.

The recommended feeding frequency for Bau Chow meals depends on your dog’s age, activity level, and specific dietary needs. Generally, dogs are fed twice a day, but we provide guidelines to help you determine the appropriate portion sizes and feeding schedule for your dog. Our customizable subscription allows you to choose the frequency that works best for your dog, ensuring they receive regular and balanced meals.

Yes, Bau Chow can be beneficial for weight management in dogs. We offer portion-controlled meals and can customize the meal plans based on your dog’s weight management goals. Our nutritionally balanced meals help support healthy weight management by providing the right combination of nutrients while controlling portion sizes. However, for specific weight management needs, we recommend consulting with your veterinarian.

Absolutely! Bau Chow is suitable for both puppies and senior dogs. We offer customized meal plans for different life stages, including puppies and senior dogs. Our meals are formulated to meet the specific nutritional requirements of each life stage, providing the essential nutrients needed for growth and maintaining vitality in senior dogs.

We use a canine calculator to determine the right amount of food for your dog. Please make sure to provide accurate information about your pet, here.  After taking into account everything from allergies to activity levels, we curate your dog’s meal plan to fit their lifestyle and nutrition needs.


Ordering Bau Chow is simple and convenient. You can visit our website or use our mobile app to select the meals that best suit your dog’s needs. Our user-friendly platform allows you to customize portion sizes, choose from a variety of recipes, and set up a delivery schedule that works for you. With just a few clicks, you can ensure your dog receives fresh and nutritious meals right at your doorstep.

Yes, you can freeze Bau Chow meals if needed. Our meals are freshly prepared and can be frozen to maintain their freshness and quality. Freezing can be useful if you prefer to store larger quantities or if you are planning for extended periods without deliveries. We provide storage and thawing instructions to ensure the meals retain their nutritional value when frozen and defrosted.

It is very easy to feed Bau Chow food to your pet while on the go. Fresh food can be stored in an ice box for up to 6 hours. You can also opt for dehydrated meals when you’re travelling.

As every dog is different, we completely understand that you want the best meal for your dog to enjoy. At Bau Chow we have a flexible subscription policy where the first week is a trial period. During this period you can test the meals with your dogs and let us know how they work for them.

If you have any questions, concerns, or need assistance, our dedicated customer support team is here to help. You can reach out to us through our website or contact us via email or phone. We strive to provide excellent customer service and ensure that your experience with Bau Chow is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.


You can make a payment with a card or any other form of online payment. Your subscription will be confirmed after the payment has been completed.

Once your package is ready to be shipped, you will get a tracking link on your registered mobile number. You can then easily track your order and the location of your delivery partner.

As every dog is different, we completely understand that you want the best meal for your dog to enjoy. At Bau Chow we have a flexible subscription policy where the first week is a trial period. During this period you can test the meals with your dogs and let us know how they work for them.

Yes, you have the flexibility to modify or cancel your Bau Chow subscription as needed. We understand that circumstances may change, so we make it easy for you to manage your subscription. You can make modifications through our online platform or by contacting our customer support team. We aim to provide a hassle-free experience and accommodate your preferences to ensure your dog’s satisfaction.

You can change the delivery address in the My Account section if you haven’t placed the order yet and want the food delivered to a different location.

Our operations are currently limited to the big city of Bangalore but we are focusing on expanding to send Bau Chow products to as many areas as possible. With every Bau Chow meal plan, customers get freshly cooked food on a flexible and recurring basis. 

As long as the packets are sealed and partially frozen, the food is safe for your dogs.


Transitioning your dog to Bau Chow is a gradual process to help them adjust to the new diet smoothly. We provide detailed transition guidelines on our website and packaging. It usually involves gradually introducing Bau Chow alongside your dog’s current food, increasing the proportion of Bau Chow over time until they are fully transitioned. This gradual approach helps minimize any digestive issues during the transition.

It is possible to mix Bau Chow with your dog’s current food during the transition phase. We recommend gradually introducing Bau Chow by mixing increasing proportions of our meals with your dog’s existing food over a period of time. This gradual transition helps prevent any digestive issues and allows your dog to adjust to their new diet comfortably.

Yes, Bau Chow offers grain-free options and can accommodate special dietary needs. We understand that some dogs have specific dietary requirements or sensitivities. Our range of recipes includes grain-free options and other specialized formulas to cater to dogs with dietary restrictions or sensitivities. You can select the appropriate options for your dog during the ordering process.

Bau Chow meals are cooked to ensure food safety and optimal nutrient availability. Our meals undergo a careful cooking process that retains the essential nutrients while eliminating any potential harmful bacteria. This cooking method ensures that your dog receives safe and nutritious meals with each serving.

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